Nightdreamer Reincarnates

I dread intros. The skill that I most need to develop is to know how to make a good impression, or even just leaving an impression at all. I don’t possess the confidence to speak in front of a crowd with aplomb, and I’m too reserved to intentionally embarrass myself, becoming the jester no one forgets. So, yeah, intros and me don’t get along well.

Are you fine with reading stuff written by an awkward clumsy guy with a loose grasp of English? Oh, you are? Then hey, nice ta meet cha!

Anyway this is the fourth blog I’ve set up. My previous one,, is fine and has tons of cool features. But ever since I’ve started designing wordpress themes last year, it has become increasingly imperative for me to grasp the inner workings of wordpress, so I had to set up shop here.

Wait,” you ask, “if you’ve been designing wordpress themes then how come your blog uses default ones?”

Because I don’t want to design, yet. A fully-customizable wordpress blog requires pay, and I don’t want to spend money on something I wouldn’t be able to give full attention to, so I have to ensure that I can be consistent here before I commit myself into paying then creating something fancy. I’ll link you to a couple of my designs though: and, done in ascending chronological order.

This is my personal space, and I will constantly be talking about the stuff I like, including videogames, movies, books, and music.

There. Got that lackluster intro over with.

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