Them There Obligatory Wishlist

When Christmas comes you can bet your shiny star on top of a Christmas tree that your favorite personal bloggers will feature wishlists, as if their arms were being wrung by an abusive essay teacher, write or else serve time in detention! It’s become routine: authors tell of not expecting these gifts and they’re merely sharing to pay homage to the spirit of Christmas and maybe get over their writing slump, but WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE. Wishlists also serve a side purpose of letting readers know what the authors are into, and what better way to lodge themselves into the cool kids club than to desire all sorts of quirky stuff that, in reality, they may never get around to using or even buying on their own?

Now that I wrote that condescending paragraph, it’s time I be MY OWN HYPOCRITE by coming up with my own wishlist. You can just treat me as letting you know what I’m interested in, sharing of hobbies and interests being the most important topic in the internet. I wouldn’t hold it against anyone to gift me any of these though, promise!

1. Vacuum cleaner –Because I want to suck even more.

2. Digital Painting Techniques volume 1 – 2010 saw my foray into digital painting, and though my first work turned out well for a first timer with no prior experiences in painting, I need to read and learn pro’s advices.

(That there is my painting)

3. Nintendo DS – I am barely holding myself back from buying the replacement of my old, broken one. I might explode if I don’t play Dragon Quest IX, Etrian Odyssey 3, 999, and Professor Layton. Save me!

4. Kotobukiya Rockman Plastic Model Kits – Which includes Rockman, Protoman and Roll. Did I tell you I’m nuts for Rockman, and that it’s my dream to GET EQUIPPED WITH VACUUM CLEANER err black hole?

5. Tons of books – Hunger Games Trilogy (so that I can shut up already about my indecision with purchasing them), Gateway (Frederick Pohl), Hyperion (Dan Simmons), The Stars My Destination (Alfred Bester)

6. Wacom Cintiq – I’m not even gonna bother going into details because this is absurdly wishful thinking.

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